Smart Stage for Netrometer by EyeNetra

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Smart Stage by EyeNetra

The Smart Stage is EyeNetra's latest accessory for their smartphone-powered lensometer (Netrometer). It serves not only as a stabilization stage for your glasses (like a traditional lensometer), but it also features technology to sharpen axial readings and capture those tricky rimless progressives. Furthermore, the Smart Stage allows PD measurements (beta version).

How Does it Work?

  1. The Smart Stage gently clasps onto the frame of your glasses.
  2. Upon insertion, the Netrometer (not included) senses intelligent landmarks on the Smart Stage accessory. 
  3. The Netrometer's software (not included) automatically computes your lensometry measurements.


This product comes with EyeNetra's 1 year limited-warranty.

*currently unavailable in Argentina, China, Israel, Mexico, & Turkey.

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