PT100 Non-Contact Tonometer (pre-owned) by Reichert

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PT100 Non-Contact Tonometer by Reichert

The Reichert PT100 Non-Contact Tonometer (NCT) expands your capabilities beyond your practice. Totally portable and cordless, the PT100 is designed to be easily used in nursing homes and clinics with wheelchair-bound patients. You can also conduct screening events that will broaden your practice and benefit your community. Using the PT100 couldn’t be easier. The operator sees a full view of the patient’s eye at all times, making alignment fast and simple. Visual indicators guide the operator to the correct alignment position. Once alignment is achieved, the PT100 automatically takes an IOP measurement.

What's Included?
  • 1 PT100 Non-Contact Tonometer (pre-owned).
  • 1 traveling case.
  • 1 recharging base.
  • User manual.

Pre-Owned Facts:
  • Item location = United States.
  • Item condition = Gently used, but in good working condition. Original hard case is included.
  • Anything missing? = We don't believe so! Links to online resources provided below.
  • Shipping = Please note this item will require about 7 days to ship (i.e. depart from our facilities) from order date.
  • Refund Policy = No returns, exchanges, and/or refunds. All pre-owned equipment is meticulously inspected and tested prior to resale.
  • Warranty = No warranty on pre-owned items.


Product Specs: 

  • Completely cordless operation for total portability.
  • Delivers about 250 measurements per charge.
  • IOP measurement is completely automatic, delivering a soft, comfortable puff.
  • Ergonomic, balanced, lightweight design.
  • All measurement data clearly displayed on LCD screen.
  • Recharging base is included.
  • Precision IR alignment system only permits measurement when 0.010 inch alignment is acquired.
  • May qualify for US ADA tax deduction (Refer to Americans with Disabilities Act, Title 26, IRS, Section 44.).

Online Resources:


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