Netra Smartphone Refractometer by EyeNetra

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Netra by EyeNetra

The Netra refractometer measures sphere, cylinder, axis and pupillary distance through a series of game-like interactions in a virtual-reality environment. It's biocular, portable, and entirely patient-driven making it perfect for mobile screenings and baseline refractions in high-footfall areas. It's the only portable autorefractor with built-in fogging technology to control for accommodation. With a solid body of 19 scientific papers, Netra's accuracy is right up there with state-of-the-art autorefractors and aberrometers (~0.35D). There is no need for specialized furniture, power cords, dilation, and/or cycloplegia.

What's Included?
  • 1 Netra binocular hardware.
  • 1 calibrated Smartphone with EyeNetra's mobile applications.
  • 1 charging cable for the smartphone.

Product Specs: 

Technology Netra Inverse-Shack-Hartmann (Pat. Issued)
Accommodation Control Fogging (Pat. Issued)
Light Source Smartphone Display (No Lasers)
Measuring Wavelengths ~550nm & ~650nm (Simultaneously)
Sphere Range -12 to +5.5D, 0.25D increment
Cylindrical Range 0 to -7D, 0.25D increment
Axial Range 0 to 180, 1 degree increment
Interpupillary Distance Range 52 to 72mm, 0.5mm increment
Device Dimensions 8.5cm x 20cm x 20cm (436g)
External Processing Unit Samsung S4
Measurement Time 1-3 minutes
Intended Patient Age 13 to 65 years old

Calibration Rqmnts


Office Illumination Rqmnts None (Optically Sealed)
Specialized Furniture Rqmnts  None (Handheld)
FDA Status Company Registered & Product Listed as Class 1 exempt
Dilation or Cyclopleg. Rqmnt None
Operation Rqmnts 15°C to 40°C, in rel. humidity of 95% non-condensing
Storage/Transport Rqmnts      -20°C to 90°C, in rel. humidity of 95% non-condensing    



  • This product comes with EyeNetra's 1 year limited-warranty.

*currently unavailable in Argentina, China, Israel, Mexico, & Turkey.

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